California Medical Assistant


California Medical Assistant

Hospitals, clinics and health care facilities are always looking for medical assistants. The medical assistance profession is one of the fastest growing professions in the United States. If you are in the state of California and are thinking of having a career change, a medical assistance profession is highly recommended. But before you become a California medical assistant, it is highly advisable that you first take some formal training on medical assistant courses or programs.
Almost all vocational institutions, technical institutes, community colleges, proprietary schools and junior colleges in California offer medical assistance courses and programs. There is a professional organization in California that provides state and local medical assistance programs. This organization is called the California Medical Assistants Association. The California Medical Assistants Association is devoted to strengthen the skills and knowledge of medical assistance in California.
There are over eleven thousand California medical assistants that are under the California Medical Assistant Association. These California medical assistant varies from medical assistants whose duties are to perform administrative tasks to medical assistants whose duties are to perform clinical procedures. Most of the members of the California Medical Assistants Associations are medical assisting instructors, students and staff members of medical and public relations division of health insurance companies.
The aim for the California Medical Assistants Association is to promote the standards of medical assistants, expands career opportunities of its members by educating them through scientific and business training. The California Medical Assistants Association has a regularly publish a circulation for its members.
Duties of the California medical assistants vary; depends on the size of the practice, the physician’s specialization field and depends office to office. California medical assistants perform various administrative tasks and responsibilities. These duties and responsibilities are; welcoming patients, manning the telephone, filing and processing insurance forms, preparing appointments, organizing the hospital admission and laboratory services, handles communications, updates and documents the patients medical records and information, and the handling of billing and book keeping. California medical assistants also perform clinical duties but these duties are limited in accordance to the State Law of California for the medical assistants. Some of these California medical assistant’s clinical duties are performing basic laboratory tests, sterilize medical instruments and the disposal of contaminated supplies. They may also educate patients regarding their medications and special diets, organize and administer medications as instructed by a physician, authorized refills on certain drugs as directed by the doctor, calls the pharmacy for prescriptions through the telephone, draws blood from patients, take ECG, remove sutures and change dressings and they also set up patients for X-rays.
Medical assistance is one of the fastest growing professions in California. So if want to have good paying occupation, medical assistance is the job for you.

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