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Medical Billing

Medical billing is making a place for itself in the industries. These days, healthcare providers of all types are being overwhelmed by medical billing and claims work as well as inexperience at collecting insurance money. Their need becomes your demand. As an independent medical billing processor or consultant, you’ll be relieving doctors, nurses, and other health workers of their biggest headache. You do this by reducing their overhead, eliminating the need for additional medical billing clerks and speeding up their payments on claims.

Need further proof?

Here are the facts:

Fact No. 1: The Agency for Heathcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) states that “the United States spends a larger share of its gross domestic product (GDP) on health care than any other major industrialized country. Expenditures for health care represent nearly one-seventh of the Nation’s GDP, and they continue to be one of the fastest growing components of the Federal budget. There are over 35 million hospital stays in the United States every year and during most of these stays, multiple procedures are performed. Three of five patients in U.S. hospitals receive at least one procedure during their hospital stay. One in 5 receives three or more.”

The Challenge: Based on this report of AHRQ, there is an obvious need for medical billing work. Doctors, nurses, and other health care providers don’t need the additional headache of sorting through tons of paperwork. By offering your independent services, you’ll not only be helping these stressed health care providers, but you’ll also be helping yourself make some honest money.

Fact No. 2: According to Peter Jennings, ABC Evening News (1/8/2003), “$5,030 spent on each person in the US in 2001.”

The Challenge: Medical billing is not only about providing assistance to doctors and other medical workers. Medical billing is also a service geared towards helping the recipient of health care services, assisting them during health insurance claims, a process that can be long and tedious work.

Fact No. 3: The most recent data available from the U.S. Census Bureau states that 28,000 companies providing billing services produce more than $6.2 billion a year in gross sales in 1997.

The Challenge: Why allow these big-time companies keep the whole pie when you can have a slice for yourself? Though it sounds tough, medical billing is actually not that hard. Sometimes even, you only have to work right from the comfort of your home when you engage in such. There are lots of self-help manuals and e-books to help you get started on medical billing. Why wait?

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