Medical Billing Service


Medical Billing Service

One of the reasons why medical billing service business is popular among enterprising men and women is the fact that setting one up doesn’t cost much. In fact, the set up costs for medical billing service is comparatively low compared to most other home-based business opportunities.


First of all, medical billing service gives you the advantage of working right from the comfort of your home. This cuts office lease expenses down to zero. All you really need is a room in your house which you can convert into your “office” and voila! You’re good to go.

Medical billing service is that type of service where you don’t have to make an inventory. No inventory means no outlay of funds for pretty thingies to grace your display spaces. You don’t even need display cases.

The only major financial outlay involved in medical billing service is office equipment. Medical billing service deals mostly with paperwork, and if not, with electronic processing so you’ll definitely need a computer, which you already have if you are like many moderns at all. A software program designed for medical billing will also make things so much easier.

And a few more things you’ll need:

* Computer system with modem (for Internet connection) and printer (for hardcopies of claims)
* Fax machine
* Software and/or business opportunity fee
* Clearinghouse
* Reference materials
* HCFA 1500 forms
* Phone
* Voice mail or answering machine
* Stationery and office supplies
* Postage
* Software solutions

You will definitely need your medical billing service software. Aside from your significant other, it will be the closest thing you have for a partner. There are dozens of medical billing service software available so you will need to choose carefully from the list of available software. Programs and packages offered range from $500 to $10,000.

Each medical billing service package has different capabilities to offer. However, expensive does not necessarily entail more features. You can buy the bare-bones software and still get one whose functions suit you fine. Or you could purchase the complete business opportunity package, which can include lead generation, seminars, marketing help and hold-your-hand technical support.

The clearinghouse is another company that receive and transmit claims electronically. They serve as the intermediary between you, the medical billing service agent, and the insurance carrier. Not all medical billing service professionals hire clearinghouses to do part of their task. However, if you want to make things even easier for you, then you can hire one. Just make sure that you know the overhead costs beforehand.

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