Medical Office Assistant Jobs


Medical Office Assistant Jobs

Medical office assistant jobs are very much rife as the demand for this profession. With the rapid increase in the health care industry due to the advancement in the medical technology, medical office assistant jobs are one of the fastest growing careers in the United States. Medical office assistant jobs are rapidly growing ever since the profession was first recognized by the “United States Department of Education” on the year 1978.
A medical office assistant is responsible for the maintenance of efficiency of routine clerical and duties of the offices of general practitioners and specialists (like chiropractors, podiatrists and others). In small practices, the medical office assistant jobs are generalized with administrative and medical tasks. Medical assistants are handled by an office administrator or a physician. However, medical assistants that work on large practices specialize on a particular field and these medical assistants are supervised by department heads or supervisors.
The administrative tasks of medical office assistant jobs are the following: greets patients in the reception area, answers and mans the telephone, keeps and documents the patient’s records, filing and processing of insurance forms, setting hospital admissions, setting laboratory services, managing billing, handles correspondence, makes appointments and other medical office assisting tasks and chores that are needed for efficient health care service.
Medical office assistant jobs are essential for efficient medical office management. Surgeons, private doctors, long term nursing facilities, military health care service facilities, insurance companies, medical clinics or other health care related facilities needed medical office assistants to run and manage their administrative operations on a day to day basis. Almost sixty percent of all medical assistants work on medical office assistant jobs.
To become a certified medical assistant formal training of medical assisting courses and programs is not necessary. Certification is sometimes obtained through “on the job trainings” or medical work experience. On the other hand, most employers prefer medical office assistants who have successfully taken medical assisting courses and programs. While most employers prefer those who have successfully taken a national certification examination; those who have passed this certification examination are called “Certified Medical Assistants” or “Registered Medical Assistants”. The credentials of a “Certified Medical Assistants” are obtained through the “American Association of Medical Assistants”; while the “Registered Medical Assistants” is presented by the “American Medical Technologist”.
Recertifications for the Certified Medical Assistants are taken every five years. This can be done by attending CMA meetings, conventions and seminars or retaking the complete initial examination. The Registered Medical Assistants must re-register every three years.
Medical office assistant jobs are very much in demand today. If you try to look for Medical office assistant jobs on the internet, you will be find lots and lots of classified ads for this profession.

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