Online Medical Billing Services


Online Medical Billing Services

Ads for online medical billing services are sprouting all over the Internet and people are falling for it all the time. These ads lure consumers with false promises of substantial income even though they’re working from home either fulltime or part-time. Sometimes even, such ads include catch words like “no experience required” or “money back guarantee.” And then right at the bottom of these so-called online medical billing services ad is a toll-free number which you are made to call for more information.

Majority of online medical billing services turn out to be nothing more than scams. You can usually identify scammers because once you make that call, they charge you a fee of $300 to $500 for the “information” they provide you. They might even go so much as to provide you with a software program to help you process claims as well as a list of potential clients.

However, reality soon takes a sharp turn. Few consumers who pay for online medical billing services opportunities actually find clients, let alone make any money. The competition is cutthroat so the possibility of earning a substantial income (as promised) is a steep challenge. In addition, many medical offices process their own claims so what do they need your services for?

So how can you, the consumer, protect yourself against these fraudulent online medical billing services fraud?

To avoid losing money on a bogus online medical billing services opportunity, the first thing you need to do is ask the promoter to give the names of many previous purchasers. This referral tactic can come very handy when you want to find out the reputation of the company you are applying for.

Make sure that you get as many names as you can choose from. Some online medical services scammers are smartening up. When the consumer asks them this question, they give you two names. You have to be wary of this because these contacts might turn out to be hired people paid to give favorable testimonials.

The second most important thing to do to avoid fraudulent online medical billing services is to consult with organizations for medical claims processors or medical billing businesses. It might also help if you consult with doctors in your community. Ask them the following questions:

* How much of a need is there for this type of work? Since they are in the field themselves then they ought to be able to give the right and proper answer to your question, minus embellishments or whitewashing.
* What kind of training is required for online medical billing services?
* Do they know anything about the promotion or promoter you’re interested in?

The answers to the above question could be material to your finding out whether or not that ad you are responding to is fraudulent.

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